Blackjack Surrender

Basic Rules Of Black Jack

If you want to learn how to play BlackJack Surrender than you would have to learn the basic rules of BlackJack to get you off on the right track. BlackJack is a very easy card game to play where you add the value of an initial 2 card hand trying to get 21 or anything close to beat the dealer. Jacks, Queens and Kings count as 10 and Aces count as 1 or 11. The rest of the cards from 1 to 10 are counted how you see it. If you feel comfortable with your hand you can stay, and let the dealer play his hand.

How To Play BlackJack Surrender

So you may have come across this game or heard about it before, "BlackJack Surrender". So what is it, and how do i pay?. Well if you understand the simple game of BlackJack then you would understand this game quite easy. Surrender is a lesser known play option in Blackjack which is not really offered in every game, and some online casinos. This game allows you the player to fold your hand at half of the bet you had placed in the beginning. For example, lets say you and made a bet of $20, a surrender would cost you $10 of the $20 you had put in. The surrender is only made before you draw,split or double down. You get 2 types of surrender in this game, an early or a late. The only difference between the types is only in the way that the dealer blackjack is handled. If you want to do an early surrender this mean you can fold before you think the dealer might have a blackjack. Usually players don't generally do an early surrender because they have a pretty good advantage over the dealer. In late surrender the dealer first checks for blackjack. This can only be done if the dealers doesn't have blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy

At Casinob we will help you understand the best time to surrender to save yourself some money. Even though you have a chance to surrender and may look tempting make sure that you understand the card and the game before making your move. If you surrender at the wrong time can cost you and put yourself at a disadvantage.

The best time to surrender is when you have a pair of 8 and the dealers is showing an Ace. If you have 16 and the dealer has high card in his had its best that you surrender. Lets say If you have a 5,6,7 or an 8 doesn't matter what the Dealer is showing you should hit your hand. Try and double down if you have an Ace in the cards given to you by the dealer.

Here is a screenshot of a typical online blackjack surrender game:

Best Online Casinos With Blackjack Surrender

Rank Icon Casino USA Bonus Bonus Type Play
1. Begado Casino $9999 333% Match
2. Betfair Casino $50 FREE FREE BONUS
3. WinPalace Casino $2000 200% Match
4. Golden Cherry Casino $3000 300% Match
5. 888 Casino $1400 100% Match


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