BlackJack History

The origin of Blackjack is somewhat unclear. Some people believe that Blackjack originated in French casinos in the early 1700s where it was known as "vingt-et-un" ("20 and 1").
The game became known as Blackjack because if a player held a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades as the 1st two cards, the player was paid out extra. So with a Jack being a vital card and Spades being black, the game was called Blackjack.
This game has been played in the United States since the 1800's. However, between the 1850's and 1910, gambling was legal in the United States until Nevada made it a felony to gamble. In 1931, Casino gambling was re-legalized in Nevada where Blackjack became one of the main games offered to gamblers.
The objective of Blackjack is get as close to 21 points as possible without going over 21 (bust). While numbered cards are worth their face values, face cards (Jack, Queen and King cards) are worth 10 each and the Ace card can be worth either 1 or 11.
The person (player or dealer) whose total card value reaches as close to 21 as possible without exceeding 21 (bust) wins the game. A tie (push) results if both the player and the dealer get equal card values.
Today blackjack is a classic game played in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and many other places on the globe. Internet BlackJack is growing in popularity during the last few years, and hopefully blackjack would continue to be the classic game it is today.

How To Play BlackJack

Blackjack is said to be one of the most popular casino game of all time, and you have the potential to win lots of money depending on your skill. Playing Blackjack is a very difficult card game if you don't understand the strategy behind it. To learn the basics of Blackjack we have made it simple for you to get a quick start on how to play either at a casino or online.
The whole objective of Blackjack is to accumulate your cards with a point totals as close as you can get to 21 without going past. In hand held games your cards are dealt face down and you can pick them up as opposed to the shoe game where you cant touch the cards and there dealt face up. You will be head to head with the dealer trying to win with your cards closest to 21, and if you beat the dealer you win the game. Once you are given the 2 cards by the dealer it is important to understand your cards. The face cards Jacks, Queens and Kings give you 10 points automatically and the Aces are worth either 1 or 11. The rest of the cards from 2 to 10 are counted as face value. For example if you are dealt a 6 and an ACE your hand can either be 7 or 17 which gives you an upper hand on the dealer. If you are playing online or at a casino the cards are dealt when the player place the wagers for the game.

Quick Blackjack Tips

- The general rule of blackjack if the dealer automatically gets 21 (Blackjack) on the first deal, all the players at the table will lose the hand, unless one of you has Black Jack. In that case that would be called a tie push.
- When you play online or at a casino and your dealt 21 and the Dealer has an Ace in his cards that means you have an option to opt for even money. In this case you accept you would be paid 1 to 1 as opposed to 3-2.
- Usually if the Dealer has an Ace showing they might offer insurance to the people at the table. This means you can buy half of your bet and pay back 2-1 if the dealer doesn't have 21.
- Even money is offered to the player to avoid a tie if you have a feeling that the dealer might have 21 (Blackjack)
- Try and practice online or with friend before you play with real money either online or at a Casino to avoid simple mistake the pros wouldn't do.
- Be extremely careful when your on a loosing streak not to bet a large amount of money on the next hand to cover your loses.

Blackjack Player Moves

Before you want to play for money we suggest to know some of the BlackJack moves there are in the game in order to help you feel like a pro. There are 4 moves a player can make while playing.
The 1st move is called the "Hit", that means if your not satisfied with your current hand you have asked the dealer to give you another card so you have a better chance to get close to 21 without going over. Once the dealer gives you a card and you go over 21 its called a bust and your wager is taken away.
The 2nd move is called the "Stand". This is when the player is satisfied with is current hand and wishes to challenger the dealer.

The 3rd move is called the "Split". This is a move where if you happened to receive the same cards of the same value for example if you are dealt two 3's or two 9's etc. Depending on the player you have the choice to spilt. When you make the decision to spit the dealer would hand you two new cards that go against the dealer sort of like a 2 to 1 but you will have to place a bet on the split. If your ever dealt Two Aces you have to stand with them and only allowed to be dealt once.

Last but not least the 4th move is called Double up or Double Down. This simply means you can double your original bet after you receive your first two cards from the dealer. If you decide to double down you will then receive only one more card. Doubling down can be helpful in maximizing your profit because it allows you to increase your wager after you have seen the dealers cards.

Types of BlackJack Games & Rules

Weather you play at online or at your local casino you will find 4 types of Blackjack games being played. The different types of games are Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, Progressive Blackjack and Double BlackJack. All Four of these types of games have a similar if not identical similarities as Blackjack just with there own twist.

Spanish 21
- Playing Spanish 21 you use 6 to 8 decks with a total of 48 cards per deck.
- 21 the players automatically wins
- The player has the option to double down after splitting the Aces
- Usually the Dealer would stand on 17
- You have the option to surrender after dubbing down
- If The Player has 21 with 5 Cards pays 3 to 2
6 Cards pays 2 to 1
7 Cards or more pays 3 to 1

Blackjack Switch
- Playing "Switch" usually 6 to 8 decks are used
- You have the option to double after a split
- You can also double up on any two cards
- As a player you can switch the second card dealt to you by the dealer.
- Dealer hits a soft 17
- All cards on the table have to be dealt face up
- You must make two bets of equal size
- Your dealer is allowed to get up to 22 without busting and total of 22 is a push.

Progressive Blackjack
- Playing "Progressive" there are 8 decks of 52 cards
- There is no surrender in progressive
- once every hand is played the deck is re shuffled
- You can double after splitting
- The Dealer stands on all 17's

Double Blackjack
- Playing "Double Blackjack" their are 6 to 8 decks of 52 cards.
- Similar to Spanish 21 but all the 10's are removed.
- When the dealer bust the payout is 1 : 1
- Jack pays out 3:1
- Nine pays out 6:1
- Eight pays out 8:1
- Six pays out 15:1

Also, check our Blackjack Surrender page for another fun variation of blackjack where you can decide to play the cards you are dealt or get some of your bet back.

BlackJack Terminology

If you want to act like a pro at a Blackjack table or at a Casino, we have provide you with what are the most important terms you need to know. Don't be embarrassed and intimated by the other Blackjack players at your table when your conversing. Have a look below in some of the most common slang used in playing Blackjack.

Ace Neutral Count - This is any card counting system that doesn't keep track of Aces.
Back Counting - This is when your counting cards behind the dealer with out placing a wager on the BlackJack table.
Bankroll - A Bankroll is used a lot in the gambling world and it means the amount of money/chips you have available for placing your bet.
Bust - Either when you or the dealer gets over 21 its called a "Bust".
Blackjack - This is when you get a total of 21 on your first hand by the dealer.
Card Counting - This is used only buy the professional Blackjack players where they are able to work out the next hand by probability.
Discards - These are the cards that are not used after the game is done and are discarded.
Edge - The Edge is the percentage advantage the player or the dealer has in a situation.
First Baseman - This is when a player would be sitting in the first betting box directly beside the dealer shoe.
Hit - This is when the player want another card because he is not satisfied with his original hand. The player would also tap the table that's with out saying the world "Hit"
Push - This is when the player and the dealer have the same total in their hands.
Up Card - The dealer's card that all the players can see.

Play Blackjack Online

Play Blackjack For Real Money Online at

Online BlackJack

Blackjack has now become a popular game to be played in online casinos.  Instead of having to drive to your local casino, you now have the ability to play many different variations of blackjack from the comfort of your own home.

If you need help finding a site to play online blackjack either check our top 5 sites listed below, or check out check out this site about casino blackjack for help choosing a blackjack casino.

Here is a screenshot of a typical online blackjack game:

Best Online Casinos With Blackjack

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1. Begado Casino $9999 333% Match
2. Betfair Casino $50 FREE FREE BONUS
3. WinPalace Casino $2000 200% Match
4. Golden Cherry Casino $3000 300% Match
5. 888 Casino $1400 100% Match


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