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Superstitious Playing Card Dos and Don’ts

As with any pastime that involves elements of luck, many superstitions have arisen around gambling, especially those games that are played with cards.  Even I, master atheist and unbeliever of all things, will not go anywhere near a poker table without my lucky coin.   Over the years many beliefs have developed around playing cards and what you should or shouldn’t do to ward off good luck.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Don’t play on an uncovered surface. You shouldn’t play card games such as poker on a smooth table, but rather one which is covered by a cloth, as this could bring bad luck.

Don’t pick up your cards with your left hand. Tradition has it that the left hand is associated with the devil, and by holding cards in your left hand, you’ll be allowing evil forces and bad luck into your game play.  Of course, if you’re already left handed, you may have a problem with this one….

Don’t sit cross legged while playing cards. You’ll be making a hex sign out of yourself by sitting cross legged, and we don’t want more of that evil energy, do we?

Do avoid singing or whistling while playing cards. These acts are said to draw misfortune and make you lose your card game.

Don’t play cards in a room where a dog is present.  Apparently poochy in the corner there brings bad luck. Give him a bone and send him out into the garden if you want to advance in your game of poker.

Don’t drop a card during your game, especially a black one. OK, this obviously can’t be helped if it happens, and you’re certainly not able to predict which card is going to fall! But IF this happens, you should be worried, apparently, as it’s a sign of bad luck.

Do touch your favorite card. If you want good luck during your game session, search out your favorite card and touch it with your index finger on your right hand.  It is said to bring good fortune.

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  1. Sanjay mehta says

    Hi thanks for all that i will try next when i will go out for playing.but if you have something more to tell you can pls tell me tips n tricks for playing cards.and for good luck charm allso.which i can buy from the market or i can carry.
    Thanks:sanjay mehta

  2. hasan hasibul says

    I work at one of the Detroit casinos and our gaming license costs $100 for dealers, which they reimburse after 1 year of
    employment. Licenses must be renewed every 2 years…another cost the casino absorbs. So….not true that this cost always
    goes to the employee. Ive been dealing for over 10 years there…so know this for fact! We are also unionized and our hourly
    rate is twice what Gilbert is offering…..not to mention that tips at our casino are good. So, for us this is one of the better
    jobs available in the area…plus the perks of free parking (in a secure employee only parking structure), free food and drinks
    on break, free uniforms which they provide, clean, mend and replace at no cost to us, medical, dental, optical coverage as well
    as 401k. Cant really ask for much more!

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