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The Greatest Megabucks Tales

Megabucks is one of the most popular progressive slot games out there and regularly turns casino players into instant millionaires thanks to million dollar payouts.  There have been many legends and myths connected to the Megabucks slot game and here are a couple which I found fascinating.  Some are true, and some are speculations.  You be the judge.

– In 2001, a 22 year old player decided to try his luck on Megabucks at the State Line Hotel and Casino in Utah.  Probably hoping to save himself a buck, he played with 2 coins instead of the prerequisite three to put himself in line to win the jackpot.  Imagine his absolute horror when he lined up all the necessary symbols to take home the massive first prize – $7.9 million! – but could only walk away with the $10,000 consolation prize because he hadn’t played the maximum number of coins!

– Another Megabucks legend has it that an anonymous young man of 25 won nearly $40 million playing the progressive slot game, and from the moment he did tragedy struck. At this point, the legend changes depending on who is doing the telling.  Some say that he died in a plane crash, others say he died in a car accident and some even claim that he overdosed at the Palms in Las Vegas.  The basic rumor remains the same, however – that the young man managed to win a huge sum of money one day and then died the next. A truly cruel twist of fate., however, has dismissed the legends surrounding this particular Megabucks tale and state that they are false.

– A tale which many say is true is that of a 37 year old cocktail waitress, Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who hit a $35 million jackpot and tragically got involved in a car crash that left her a quadriplegic only six weeks later.  Jay-Brennan’s sister was killed in the accident, which occurred when they were hit by a drunk driver while standing at a red light, waiting for it to turn green.

– Other Megabucks rumors include the tale about the underage player who wasn’t paid out even though he hit the jackpot and the casino employee who hit the jackpot but also wasn’t paid out as it went against the rules of the casino.

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